Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Layer Clothes For Breastfeeding/Nursing & Nursing in Public Discreetly or Indiscreetly

I was trying to find a tutorial to show my doula client & first time mom friend how to layer clothes when breastfeeding and I couldn't find one so I'm making my own!

I got these super comfortable nursing tanks from Motherhood Maternity the other day and they were buy 3 get 1 free.  They're soft and supportive and they fit!  Their biggest bra (42F) is too small for me but their XL tanks fit just right.  All of their nursing clothes are mix and match buy 3 get 1 free right now click here to see the sale online.

 The clip is very quickly and easily clipped and unclipped one handed

Ok, so say that you want to wear your favorite I Heart Daryl Dixon shirt (hehe, Danielle!) but it's a high neck shirt and you can't pull it down to nurse but you don't want to pull it up and show your belly and back (or if you're shaped like me, your muffin top! haha!) to everyone or you might get too chilly with so much skin exposed.

You just wear a tank with a low stretchy neck or a nursing tank underneath and pull the top down on whichever side you're nursing from and then pull your Daryl Dixon t-shirt up!  Viola!  No belly, back, or love handles showing!  
It's very discreet up top as well for those of you who prefer to be discreet when breastfeeding, it's just a matter of personal preference. 

 I personally do not care if I feed my baby discreetly or indiscreetly because I strongly believe in normalizing breastfeeding (again) because somewhere along the way our society has UNnormalized it and if no one ever see's it, it will never become normalized again.  Women are being embarrassed and shamed all over this country for feeding their babies in public and it has to stop.  It's one of the major reasons that Americas breastfeeding rates are so low compared to other countries because women are choosing not to breastfeed because they are so afraid that they might have to feed their babies in public and that is very sad!  

Remember, if you choose to breastfeed in public discreetly or indiscreetly and someone asks you to cover up or leave, all you have to say is "I am legally allowed to breastfeed anywhere that I am legally allowed to be (IE: public places) BUT it is NOT legal for you to harass me for breastfeeding in public so I suggest you leave me alone!"  Practice that sentence over and over in your head and tell yourself that you're doing a public service by breastfeeding in public, empowering women, and normalizing nursing!
You can even print out your state law to carry around with you to hand over if someone starts harassing you and you're too shocked or embarrassed to speak.

Click here for more info on what to do if you are harassed for breastfeeding in public.

Here's a breastfeeding law card you can print for my state.  You can find your state law on Google.


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